Wynad White Peppercorn – The Classic White

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Known as some of the best day-to-day pepper, this is a spice that every foodie should have in their cupboard. It grows on a single estate in Kerala, India, where these peppercorns are specially selected for their flavour then allowed to dry in the sun. Works wonders on grilled fish or simple vegetable stews.

Origin: from a single estate in Kerala, India

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Flavour your food with this bold Indian jewel. Each season, locals collect the pepper by hand to ensure only the ripest fruits are harvested and safely transported. The pepper grows even after it is harvested, this unique feature gives the spice its sweet notes and reddish colour. Finally, the peppercorns are sun-dried for two weeks with constant ventilation.

Use it in your mortar and take in the fruity and floral aromas of compote and cherries. It is one of the strongest flavour pepper so it can be used to add even more depth to grilled meats or to enable more sub notes to lighter dishes such as tarts, fruit salad and roasted chicken.

Taste Notes:

Strong flavour of compote and cherries.

Use it with:

Strong flavoured dishes like grilled meats, roasted chicken, tarts and fruit salads.

Fun Fact:

White pepper is an extremely beneficial spice. Rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C, Calcium, Manganese and Zinc, it acts as a great addition to daily food habits as it is mildly spicy and benefits the digestive system. It makes for an easy way to a healthy lifestyle.

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