Wild Forest Pepper – The Peak Pepper

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The Wild Forest Pepper is another false flag pepper related to the Sichuan, citrus family. In contrast to Sichuan, the Wild Forrest Pepper has a sweet floral, clementines, hawthorn and fruits; followed by a numbing, woody, after effect to the tongue and palate. These husks can be ground and used in light starters such as Beef Carpaccio, any wok based vegetable dish or in chocolate and custard dessert.

Origin: Forests in Northern Vietnam

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The Vietnamese wild pepper is particularly hard to collect spice due to multitude of reasons. It grows at 2,000 m altitudes, on top of 30 m tall vines with barks full of thorns. Moreover, due to Vietnam being the largest exporter of pepper, unique varieties such as this, locally known as – MẮC KHÉN; are at risk of being neglected.

There is a multitude of uses for this spice and we encourage our foodies to be creative. You can add it as part of a 5-spice mix for grilled meats and vegetables. Alternatively, you roast the husks, allow it to cool and then blend it coarsely with macadamia nuts for a dry meat rub. If you’re looking to experience its pure taste ground it directly onto pineapples, use in your chocolate or in the cocktail bar to make a Mango and Forrest Pepper Gin and Tonic.

Taste Notes:

Extremely elegant, combining the moderate spiciness of pepper with more marked notes of citrus, it has a slight numbing effect, but the black seeds are not bitter, the power aromas are also found fully in the flavors. It has also some delicate warm and woody tones.

Use it with:

It works really well when used to season Asian style green vegetables such as kai lan or choi sum, and also in any dish which needs an exotic citrus boost – try adding a good grind to lentil soup, for example. Also it makes a great addition to a Chinese 5 spice blend, and makes a natural partner to ginger or star anise. Finally, try it on fruits like pineapples or in cocktails like the Gin and Tonic for a unique taste. 

Fun Fact:

It is a berry that grows wild in the forests of the north of Vietnam, in a mountainous region that is difficult to access. This rare pepper is exclusively harvested by the local ethnic groups who harvest with patience and thoroughness.

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