Smoked Peppercorns – The Smokey Aroma

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 Our smokey peppercorns is a unique product for those looking to give a special twist to their food. It is cold smoked in the UK with oakwood under 72-hour process which helps both tempers and intensifies the natural heat of the pepper. Use the smokey pepper to marinate your meats, especially ribs, before putting them o the barbeque or to add depth to pepper sauces or winter stews.

Origin: Malabar Coast in Kerala, India

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The peppercorn provides a mellow flavour to your dishes which gives your food a pepper and smokey aroma. We recommend using these peppercorns to create a 4 peppercorn mix (green, white, black and smoked) to use as a rub for grilled meats or in divine stews.

Grind our smoked peppercorn to add a unique flavour to your everyday eggs and potatoes or that end of the week Bloody Mary cocktail.

Taste Notes:

When freshly ground the superb Malabar Smoke Pepper traits of fruity heat blends well with the beech wood smoke.

Use it with:

It’s one of the most versatile spices. Use it to give a smokey aroma to any dish you love: fish, meat, sauces, eggs, cheeses, desserts, seafood, cocktails etc.

Fun Fact:

Smoking process takes 72 hours over oakwood to produce a wonderfully aromatic pepper.

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