Senegalese Selim Long Pepper – The Savannah Pepper

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This highly flavoursome false flag pepper is native to countries across Western Africa and gets by using a multitude of names, the most common ones being Selim Pepper and Grains of Selim. It carries a smokey and musky taste with cardamom and resin aroma without the full heat of black pepper. It’s great to use in meat or vegetable stews and soups where it is added whole, during the cooking process. Perfect use for rich, fatty or gamey meats as it helps cut down the richness, taming the flavours. Please use only in a mortar or whole.

Origin: Savannah and forests of tropical Senegal, Western Africa

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The African pepper had a deep and rich history reflected by its multitude of names, ten so far and still counting. It has been used as black pepper between the 13th and 16th century before the trade routes with India opened up. It has now lost its popularity but is on the comeback, being recognised across the world as a valuable spice.

The plant is actually related to the custard apple family and is great in enhancing meat skewers, venison and stews. For an original African experience, mix it with ginger, peanuts, onion, garlic, salt and Cayenne pepper to create a spice used in street food markets across Nigeria, called Suya Spice Mix or add to our coffee towards the end of the brewing process with some cloves to create a café Touba.

Taste Notes:

The highly aromatic pepper comes with flavours similar to fermented pea pods, bitter in taste with the seeds inside even more so and pepper hot, aromatic though is cubeb like with notes of lemongrass and nutmeg.

Use it with:

Perfect for sauces, stews and fish dishes.

Fun Fact:

Popular in Europe during the 13th-16th Centuries before the trade routes opened to India, grains of Selim is popular in African stews and spices mixes.

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