Nepalese Timur Pepper – The Citrus Kick

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The Timur Berry is a false flag pepper, used across the Himalayas for hundreds of years due to its tonic properties and its cold, citrus-based spiciness with remarkable grapefruit hints. It is used to give an exotic twist to fish and vegetable dishes in the company of lemon and salt.

Origin: Nepal, South Asia

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The spiky husks, the ones usually used in cooking, come from the same family as the Sichuan pepper, neither being actually related to the black pepper everyone uses. The confusion is due to the small round berries being very similar to the peppercorns. However, this Nepalese Pepper, also known in various countries as timut, thingye, yerma or Buthanese pepper, has a unique aroma that is neither hot like chilli peppers nor as pungent as the black pepper.

The husks can be ground in your home pestle or grinder and is one of our favourite spices to use with light dishes such as an “en papillote” cooked sea bass, finely grounded in chicken marinades or added to melted butter for dressing to boiled potatoes or green vegetables. For a next-level taste experience – try roasting the husks before using them or leverage the grapefruity, tingly residual heat and add it to your gin & tonic to kick it up a notch.

Taste Notes:

Strong citrus flavour, undertones of grapefruits. It gives a cold spiciness to any dish with a distinctive tongue-tingling follow-up.

Use it with:

Perfect for any Asian dish, stir frys, the sharp flavours of the Timut peppers combined with chilli, garlic and ginger is mouth watering experience.

Fun Fact:

Usually harvested from wild growing bushes at more than 2000m altitude, sun dried harvest making the pepper from clean as nature intended for us to use.

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