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Voatsiperifery or Madagascar Wild Pepper is a rare spice, fastly growing in popularity among foodies due to its earthy and wood flavour notes with citrus and floral aromas. It is perfect for making steak pepper sauce or sprinkled over cheese or strawberry salad. Use it with fish the dish to a whole new level. Best used towards the end of the cooking process to preserve all its aromas.

Origin: Madagascar, Africa

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You can only find this rare pepper on the island of Madagascar. It grows on vines, up to 20 m high, within the islands virgin forests. Use it in any dish to replace black pepper for a novel kick.

For an original Madagascan recipe, us it in a Spicy Salad or Chicken Stew, instead of black pepper. If you want to leave your guests speechless use the Voatsiperifery to create a tempura paste for prawns or courgettes. Additionally, you can use it to simply season a grilled/barbecued piece of beef.

Taste Notes:

The flavour is slightly earthy, warm peppery flavour with an increasing tone of fruity – lemon making this a very unique pepper.

Use it with:

Perfect with Game, Lamb, Duck and deep flavoured sauces, as with most unique peppers they work great in chocolate sauces and desserts. Suited to prawns and seafood, it goes incredibly well also with a grilled piece of beef. 

Fun Fact:

It is also called “Jungle pepper”, as it grows on young shoots on 20m high plants in the tropical jungle making the annual harvest just a few tons. Farmed and harvest in traditional ways supporting the local community, known also as bourbon pepper it is not cultivated, this is another wild only pepper.

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