Lemon Pepper Ground – The Zest and Zing

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Lemon and Pepper is a seasoning made from lemon zest and cracked black peppercorn. We prepare our lemon zest by mashing it with the pepper to make the citrus oil infuse with the pepper and vice versa. We then bake and dry the season to get it ready for you to put it straight on to your favourite pasta, chicken or seafood dish.

Origin: India

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As with many classic seasoning blends, it is hard to identify where it was initially created and by whom. Since both the black peppercorn and the lemon are native to India, we wouldn’t be very wrong to assume that that was the birthplace, with numerous Indian dishes containing the mix.

Made of zesty lemon peel and coarsely ground black peppercorns, give that lemon touch to every dish you love. The zest and zing provided by this blend are perfect to be used in butter mixes for lobster or other seafood. For a mind-blowing experience create a Lemon and Pepper butter to add to your Hot Wings; the zest and zing help break down the spiciness of the wings while enhancing all the other flavours.

Taste Notes:

The combination of lemon and black peppercorn blends together the citrus notes of the lemon oil with the slightly bitter and pungent notes of the black pepper.

Use it with:

It’s incredibly versatile, but it’s absolutely perfect for slow cooked chicken dishes, fish and seafood, or with any sort of eggs.

Fun Fact:

The point in history at which lemon and black pepper were first combined is unknown. As with many simple seasoning blends, the identity of the inventor was never documented and has been lost to history.

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