Kampot Red Pepper – The Cambodian Red

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Over the last few years the Kampot red pepper has grown hugely in popularity being used by foodies across various cuisine types. With a powerful and fruity aroma, they are less spicy than the usual variety coming from India. The floral and fruity notes of the pepper can elevate fish and poultry dishes or summery vegetable and cheese salads.

Origin: Kampot, Southern Cambodia

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Since 2010 the Kampot pepper has the Protected Geographical Indication tag. This is due to its unique characteristics and aromas.  The pepper is native to the Kampot region of south Cambodia and cultivated ecologically and sustainably.

It carries red fruit and honey notes which make it exceptional for being used in desserts or creamy pepper sauce.

Taste Notes:

Full of aroma and flavours of pepper and side notes mint and eucalyptus.

Use it with:

It’s great for desserts or creamy sauces. It goes very well with meat and hearty meals too.

Fun Fact:

The colour of peppercorn is determined by the ripeness, green kampot berries are harvested and dried in the sun, the fermenting reaction turns the berries black.

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