Japanese Sancho Pepper – The Yuzu

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    This rare pepper, with notes of yuzu, grows on the Japanese prickly ash shrub and is part of the Sichuan family. Use it to cut fatty meats such as unagi & BBQ ribs or to provide an aromatic citrusy spice to fruity or chocolate desserts. Do not mill it as you will get its full flavour. Instead, use a pestle and mortar. Get your Japanese Pepper here!

    Origin: Japan

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    This is a false flag pepper related to the Sichuan citrus family, similar to the Nepalese Timur spice. It holds an intense taste of the famous Japanese lemon and carries the nickname – The Yuzu Pepper.

    This spice will bring originality to any recipe without taking away from other ingredients. Sansho has been grown exclusively in Japan for 3,000 years and production is limited to a few tons a year.

    Use the pepper at home to recreate original dishes such as miso soups, ramens, Kobe beef or the classic kabayaki-unagi (broiled eel). You can also use it to add dimensions to simpler recipes such as soups, pork stews, marinade for BBQ or in creating your own Shichimi Mix. Please note that the more you cook the pepper the spicier it gets. However, the heat will not linger.

    Buy Japanese Sancho Pepper and impress your dinner guests. Get them to guess what is that complex underlying flavour.

    Taste Notes:

    Sancho has a citrus note along with its heat element.

    Use it with:

    This peppercorn can be a complimentary flavor in a simple dish such as rice and ramen or a more complex Sansho pepper fish recipe. It can also be used to cut fatty flavors in pork or mushrooms.

    Fun Fact:

    It is a main ingredient in teriyaki, and can be used with or instead of red chilli in many more dishes. The Sansho peppercorn is a direct relative of the Sichuan peppercorn, although they are very different in flavor, they both provide a slight tingle and numbness sensation on the tongue.

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