Green Peppercorns – The Olive Pepper

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    Picked before the drupe ripens these peppercorns are dried in a process that helps them keep their dark olive colour. Use their fresh and lively character with rich dishes to add additional notes or in a classic Thai Green curry.

    Origin: India, Asia

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    The Green peppercorns, like the black variety, are made from the same unripe drupes. However, the green ones get dried and treated in a process (such as freeze-drying) that helps them maintain the colour.

    The Olive pepper is a lot more lively in aroma, working best with red meats, pates and terrines while helping with rich dishes such as game or duck. We recommend transforming them into a Green Pepper Sauce or Mushroom and green peppercorn lasagne.

    Taste Notes:

    Green Peppercorns come with a fresher pepper flavour compared to its black ripe corns with the spicy side of pepper.
    Since Green peppercorns are the same berry as black – but they are picked earlier, before the berries ripen, this means they have a lighter flavour than black pepper, although the ‘pepperiness’ is unaffected.

    Use it with:

    Green peppercorns are best used in dishes with a short cooking time, as this means they are sure to retain their fresh character, and they are much used in Thai and Vietnamese dishes. In Western cooking they are part of the famous ‘sauce au poivre vert’, which is served to accompany both steak and duck – try this luxurious sauce on a veal escalope or chop for a real treat!

    Fun Fact:

    What do you call an unripe peppercorn? A Green Peppercorn!

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