Ethiopian Timiz Long Pepper – The African Long Pepper

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Grown in the wet highlands regions in Ethiopia this spice is related to the more common Asian long pepper variety. However, due to the different climate this pepper is less sweet and fruity and has a smokey flavour due to the drying process, which is done near an open wood fire. Simply break the catkin in two and add it to soups and sauces for a warm and slightly spicy kick. For a wow factor grind in a pestle and mortar and add it to goats cheese or chocolate desserts.

Origin: highlands regions of Ethiopia, Africa

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Rarely seen outside the African continent, this pepper grows mostly wild in South-Western Ethiopia at altitudes of over 2,000 m. It has been used for centuries by locals for its medical properties with only the Manjo endogamous caste being able to recognise and harvest it, the knowledge being passed down through generations.

Thanks to the pepper being dried by a wooden fire in eucalyptus and bamboo huts, the spice carries a mesmerising aroma of smokey resin and roasted herbs. Mix it in a chocolate dessert or with chicken livers, lobster tails or in any braised dishes. For an original Ethiopian experience use it to spice your coffee, tea or even butter.

Taste Notes:

Related to the more common Asian varieties, but has a distinct flavour all of its own – it is less fruity and sweet than its Asian cousin, not so hot and with a deeply aromatic quality. As the climate in Ethiopia is not ideal for sun-drying, the pepper is generally dried near an open flame, giving it a marked smokiness.

Use it with:

Perfect in braised dishes, and it works particularly well also with game, in chocolate desserts, with chicken livers and lobster tails. It can be used to spice coffee, tea and butter. 

Fun Fact:

In Ethiopia it is used as part of the Berbere blend for making wat, the country’s national dish of meat stew, and it is also used in traditional medicine.

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