Black Tellicherry Peppercorns – The Cherry Pick

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The Tellicherry Pepper represents just the top 10% of the harvest. Only the best peppercorns earn this name. Because they are bigger they lose a bit of heat but gain a lot more flavour and fragrance being a delight on the mouth and nose. Ground them right before using and ideally fresh on top of your food for that WOW factor.

Origin: Malabar Coast in Kerala, India

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This is the finest peppercorn of them all. It carries the title of “king of peppers” and carries delightful kick with citrus notes of lemon and grapefruit. Contrary to popular belief the Tellicherry actually comes from the same vine as “regular pepper”. However, only the biggest peppercorns get to become Tellicherry. Due to an increase in size, they lose a bit of the heat but gain a lot more aroma.

In order to fully appreciate this spice please make it a key element of a dish. Some favourite dishes to cook: Lemon and Tellicherry Pepper Chicken, Tellicherry Chicken Curry, Kerala Malabar Porotta.

Taste Notes:

Tellicherry is of superior quality due to its high volatile oil content which results in strong, robust flavours.

Use it with:

It’s very versatile, but perfect for freshly grinding on red meats and summer fruits. It is the basis also for your peppermill.

Fun Fact:

The size of the black peppercorns is not dictated by this time but the number of days of sunshine, traditional growing has been 6 days of sunshine 1 day of rain providing perfect growing conditions, as climate change affects our growing the size of natures bounty is affected, but not the aroma, flavour or nutrition which takes time, just time.

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