Australian Mountain Pepper – The Mountain Pepper

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An outstanding spice, this false flag pepper, originates on the island of Tasmania, gaining also the name of Tasmanian Pepper. It carries a complex aroma of juniper, wild berries and cinnamon and it is fresh and fruity on the nose with blueberry and blackberry notes. We recommend using this on light dishes such as a Summer Meat or Vegetable Salad or in a fruit or chocolate desserts.

Origin: Tasmania, Australia

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The plant that fruits the spice has long been used, in its entirety – berries, leaves & bark, by the Aborigines, in food preparation or for medicinal purposes being considered a stable Australian Bushfood. While originally it was used to spice Kangaroo, emu or ostrich meat it can also elevate more common red and white meats but also fish.

Our recommendation is to replace your normal black pepper every when you want to make a meal that little bit extra special. Because of its strong antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, it combines very well with tuna or steak tartare. Moreover, it’s berry notes will add an extra layer of complexity to fish made en papillote or in a slow-cooked stew with gamey meat. Another amazing experience is to use this pepper on Sunshine fruit salad.

Taste Notes:

It has all the classic characteristics of black pepper. It is HOT and very aromatic. As the pepper has intense heat, a little is more than sufficient.

Use it with:

Australian Mountain Pepper can be used in any recipe that calls for black pepper. It is excellent in slow cooked dishes and with gamey meat. Try it with tuna or steak tartare, or on a fresh fruit salad. It’s a good addition to your peppermill too.

Fun Fact:

Mountain Pepper is a food and medicine with a history thousands of years old. Its rich antioxidant levels and outstanding antibacterial performance make it one of Australia’s most sought after native foods.

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